So Touching!!! See Photos President, Aisha Buhari, Mrs Osinbajo Meet With Two Chibok Girls Parents

Tears flowed freely today at the Defence House, Abuja where the President operates from. Two Chibok women who were invited to meet with the first lady were first ushered in by the Vice-President’s wife, Mrs Osinbajo before she led them in to see the first lady. They all met and the women explained what happened to them.

They all cried and the first lady led them to see the president. What he however told them is what we do not know but as they made to leave, all the women took pictures together as they hugged and all cried together. Mrs Osinbajo who managed to talk to the State House correspondents shortly after the meeting spoke with misty eyes.

Sincerely I am taking no sides here, but these are the kind of women leaders we need in Nigeria. Women with blood flowing through their veins. Even writing this story is so touchy and can make anyone cry. Who prays to lose a child?

Some lost even more than one, grown up girls who can talk, grown up girls who have already told their mothers their future plans, and all of a sudden they are gone and no where to be found and someone thinks it;s funny. God will make away.

Two more photos below:

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