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Must Read!! Men Spend More Time Gossping Than Women – Study

Don’t tell anyone I told you this, and remember it’s just between you and me.

If anyone finds out, you are on your own,’ such is usually the intro or the concluding part of a gossip.

Men call it ‘mere discussion’ while women call it ‘gist’, but regardless of the colouration people try to give it, it is called gossip, defined simply as an idle talk between two or more persons, and usually about the affairs of others.

It can also be defined as a casual conversation about other people, typically involving their private lives and usually sweet to the hearing.

Women used to be seen as gossiping and spreading rumours but experts say men seem to be better gossip.

According to a study conducted by a global research company, Onepoll, men are not just the bigger gossips, they spend more time gossiping than women.

The story says men are more likely to expose the dirt about other people than women.

The study conducted by a global research company, Onepoll, found that men are happier when gossiping with their colleagues and that their contribution to the ‘chat’ gives them a feel of belonging.

The findings of the study were published on Telegraph Online.

In the course of the study in which 5,000 people participated, it was found that men spend an average of 76 minutes gossiping with their friends while women spend just 52 minutes.

The study also found that while men prefer to exchange gossip in the office, mostly with their colleagues at work, women prefer to ‘confide in their friends’ while at home.

Male participants in the study pointed out that topics that usually dominate their ‘discussion’ with their male colleagues or friends include women, female colleagues at work, especially the most attractive ones, salaries and their sexual relationships, while the female participants said they were usually interested in other women, family issues, in-laws and celebrities.

While one third of the male participants said they were usually in their happiest mood when gossiping with their colleagues, 58 per cent said gossiping gave them a sense of belonging while 31 per cent of the men said they preferred chatting with their partners to having sexual relationship.

Posted by on June 20, 2015.


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