10 Categories Of Nigerian Ladies You Should Not Woo If You Are A Broke Guy

If you if ain’t deficient in thinking, you will know that many of these things are nothing but the bitter truth

Without deceiving ourselves, there are certain categories of ladies that will turn you down in a wink no matter your level of confident, your talents, your certificate, dress sense and all that.

Even the chances of a broke PhD holder dating them is liken to Bode George’s refusal to refund the billions of naira he embezzled

Without wasting time, let’s get to business cool

10 Categories Of Ladies You Should Not Woo If You Are a Broke Guy

1. Ladies Who Are Obsessed With Suya

Pls don’t get this twisted. There’s nothing actually wrong being suya lover, but the truth of the matter is that, you will see some ladies hanging at every suya joint.

These categories of ladies will suya-zone you when you woo them. it’s better you run for your life

2. Ladies Who Keep Sugar Daddies

They roll with yahoo boys, 419s, sugar daddies and politicians. Wetin u wan use impress these kind ladies ? Money is being splashed on them that they see every other dude as people who are not of God’s creation.

When I come in contact with these kinds of ladies, I bet Usain Bold will not catch up with me

3. Ladies Who Are Obsessed With Marriage

These categories of ladies are not spiritually inclined but they can foretell the future accurately than T. B Joshua.

By mere looking, they can tell if your future will be bright or not. There’s no point asking these ladies for a relationship if you are still that broke dude living from hand to mouth

4. Ladies Who Are Voracious In Nature

It’s very shameful that when you invite some ladies on a date, they will come with their friends, if possible they can even bring their maid along.

However, these ladies lack composure that waiters will be shaking their heads in disappointment.

They will order for shawama, friend rice and chicken, juice, ice cream, cake and will eat as if there’s famine in the land.

You should run faster than Usain Bolt when you notice these habit in ladies because they will screw you up and drop you when your cash no longer flows

5. Ladies Who Are Fashion Freaks

Having high taste in fashion and wearing good clothing is not a bad idea, but some are so obsessed with artificial parameters, that is, looking natural is a taboo to them.

Even if they wake up by 7am, before taking their bath, they will apply make-up before stepping out of their compound.

Funny enough, despite the application of facial parameters they wear on their skin, many of them will end up looking like Papa Ajasco. Oooboi na to run from these categories of babes oooo.

6. Ladies Who Show No Appreciation For Gesture

During last week’s lecture (psychology) which main thrust centered on “A GESTURE OF APPRECIATION ; a controversial issue arose, and I was so astonished that the higher percentage of ladies in my class said that they will never call a guy who sends them N100 recharge card, but will manage to call or flash a dude who sends N500+ recharge card.

This almost resulted in chaos and I couldn’t but shook my head for those ladies.

There’s no point dating ladies with this mentality

7. Ladies That Change Their Dps 50 Times A Day

Either you agree with me or not, apart from the fact that some ladies are photo freak, some are immature that they change their display pictures up to 30times daily.

However, they do that to show their taste in fashion, level of exposure and their level of sophistication. These categories of ladies are scum in my personal opinion

8. Lazy Girls

When a lady is very lazy, she sees every man who comes her way as a messiah that she will mount her financial need on.

They are so lazy that they don’t venture into skill acquisition exercise.

They know nothing about bead making, hair dressing, baking, manicure and pedicure.

These categories of ladies have the mentality of “a real man should always provide the need of his girlfriend”.

9. Party Freak

It’s a good thing to rejoice with people who are celebrating, but note that not every lady attend other people’s party with the intention of celebrating with them.

However, some are so freaked that they will be the first to buy aso igbeyawo (wedding clothes) of people they barely know.

They will dress gorgeous even more than the bride. You will see them disturbing photographers as if their lives depend on them.

They will later take to their BBM, whatsapp, facebook and will flaunt their styles.

These ladies will bash broke hustling dudes even if they hold Diploma or Bachelor’s degree

10. Feel free to add the last one.

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