Intention isn’t Enough in Relationship/Friendship


Intention Isn’t enough..


Intention without action, gives birth to disappointment.


“I Will Marry You ” is just a promise.

Promises doesn’t guarantee marriage..


However, Make your intention clear, because you date long when you’re not ready..


NOTE: Time is the most valuable commodity that can’t be bought. Don’t waste it because of promises or intention without action.


Behaviours That Indicate Wrong Intention….


√ Let’s keep dating, I don’t know what the future has for us..( He got no plans my sister)


√ What is your plans for us nah,( it may be called desperation)


√ He can take you to different hotels but he can’t take you home.( Hotel is for lust, home is honour and respect to a woman)


√ He may tell you from the beginning that he is not the calling type..Lol( use n dump member)


√ Is a normal thing to keep silence on you, no chat, no calls, no conversation.( You don’t have a place in his heart( vice versa )


√ She prefer to receive your calls but she will not return your cal.( teammate not soulmate)


√ You maybe in a relationship with him, but he is not in love with you..( Lust oriented)


√ She is good in making demand and request.

(Especially Money and shopping).but no ideas to make money.


√ He is after your body than your soul.( Hit and run member)


Love is a verb ..

Is an action word..

Enough of intention and promises..

Let your action speak louder..


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