40 Best Happy New Month Message For Customers and Loved Ones 2017


Today, you and I will quickly go through the 50 best happy new month messages for your loved ones.


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Wow, how time flies. God has kept us throughout the January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October,…………………….Finally, we are November. It is certainly a great time to send your loved ones happy new month text messages for these period.


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Furthermore, these happy new month text messages aren’t designed to be sent only at the end of the month.


However, you can send this message anytime you think of the faithfulness of God in your life.


I promise you are going to have an amazing time


All of us at O3school.com wish you a happy new month and please do have a blast.




50 Best Happy New Month Messages For Loved Ones For November 2017


Happy New Month Messages 1


As you enter this new month,


may God cause your enemies to use rake to clear your space.


May God cause Heaven to open for your sake.


You shall win all your battles without handling any spade.


Happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages 2


May you begin this new month with a calm ray of hope.


May you be filled with filled with moments of joy and end with soft note of abundant fulfillment.


Happiness shall not depart from your family.


You are blessed in all your ways.


Have a blissful happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages 3


At the tone of this message and the reading of the content,


the good Lord shall rewrite the story of your life.


Your cup shall overflow.


Your labor in his vineyard shall be remembered.


Happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages 4


Welcome to the Month Of November.


An Ember month to remember it shall be for you.


It shall be a month of achieving great feat with divine favor.


Have a wonderful happy new month


Happy New Month Messages 5


Getting to November is the significance of change.


It shows that life never stops for anything.


In this month,


you will keep moving and keep smiling.


Happy New month


Happy New Month Messages 6


May this month of November bring many opportunities your way.


You will attain the climax of success in life.


Your intentions and estimations for these ember months will stand firm.


Furthermore, your dreams shall come into  reality.


Happy new month.






Happy New Month Messages 7


Try to make your November as clear as moon,


as beautiful as the rainbow,


as lovely as flowers and as joyful as birds.


Enjoy your ember months to the fullest.


Happy New Month.


Happy New Month Messages 8


May each day of these ember months be vibrant and new.


This November will bring along many reasons for celebration.


Happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages 9


In this new month,


you shall navigate into victorious and never ending miracles.


You shall be victorious beyond earthly reasoning.


Happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages 10


Just as the power of a seed is not in its size but in the quality of its fruits,


every small effort of yours will always yield abundant blessings.


Have a glorious November to remember.


Happy New Month Messages 11


In this new month, anywhere in your area,


where they have gathered,


to discuss your matter,


they shall scatter,


because papa God in on top your matter.


Happy new month


Happy New Month Messages 12


In this new month,


you will not need to eat rice before you look nice


because God is giving us Heavenly Caprice to know our rights and rise.


Happy New Month


Happy New Month Messages 13


As you overcome this ember months and march into another year,


God will take you to your promised land.


Happy new month.


Happy New Month Messages 14


Pray and see that the Lord is good.


May His mercies cover and keep you through

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