Five Types Of Fathers Every Nigerian Child Grew Up With

Some children grew up to know a father’s love while some are not privileged to but one common factor we all share is that every child was fathered by a man whether natural or a trans-gender.

Below are 5 types of fathers we are celebrating


Some fathers show love to their kids too much,they can do anything for their kids.

This does not mean other types of fathers do not love their kids but this set of fathers can spoil their children.

They don’t discipline their kids and will not allow anybody to train their children for them. (Thats My Father)


Many Nigerian children have this type of fathers,they don’t tolerate any act of indiscipline from their children,they don’t spare the rod.their children will always pray that daddy should travel.


This type of fathers are always on one journey or the other,most times this journey is for money making at least pikin and their mama must chop.they don’t have any tym for their children.


Some fathers are very religious,this types of father are against anything that contradicts their religion.

They expect their children to be perfect any erring child will be dealt with.

Early morning and night devotion is compulsory,regular church or mosque going.


They don’t care about their children’s welfare,they don’t provide for their kids or the family,they are the never around father.

The list is endless, add yours and tell us the type of father you have or had.

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