Thursday, November 23

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Nigerian singer, Davido was called out on Instagram for sneaking out of a club after a fight started last night.

An Instagram User (mrchrisonline) was ranting at the “IF” crooner. He shared an image that reads,

“Davido, your a big pric’k. You got lucky last night fool. Heard you got sneaked out through back door. This is london not Nigeria you fool. the burtsed eyes those cunts around you suffered wasn’t enough for me. Wish I did more.”

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And he captioned it;

@davidoofficial u fool. No one knows u here boy. U better act humble next time u around here u .U had to be sneaked out God saved u didnt come out thru front door. Am telling u watch ur back. Big massive massive shout out to my boy @kendallkn and @remii_renzel_ for the response. One phone call and I had about 30men waiting outside. @davidoofficial am not #wizkid dont f’ck with wrong guy u fool. And u better keep running ur been watched. #FakeAss Davido #LittleC’nt



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