Keeping It Private In Relationship


I recently witnessed a relationship that everyone could bet their life on “CRASH” this said relationship has lasted for a very long number of years the couple were so intimate and sweet that you could get diabetics from being so close to them I myself never thought it would happen but it came in as a shock to everyone and one of their major problems was that they let a third party into their relationship……

what am i saying in essence?

Couples should learn to keep their private matters,

“exclusively private” because the root cause of problems,breakup,and even divorce in alot of marriages and relationships is letting your friends and family members into your issues,one thing about life is everyone has a different view to issues/problems in life.

In as much as I feel private issues should be kept private some other persons believe public opinion are better in a relationship.

So I would still stand that your private matters to an extent should be private,there is an old saying that ” A problem shared is a problem half solved”

I would advice instead of talking to some of your friends who unknown to you might be envious of your relationship,
I would urge you to share those problems with neutral persons like pastors,marriage counsellors,and relationships experts and you can be Assured that they won’t take sides,blames would be accorded fairly between both parties,apologies would be rendered,and your relationship continues smoothly.
please try to keep third parties away from your relationship.
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